224 Bd de la Villette, 75019 Paris


15 Rue Léon Bertrand, 06200 Nice

Video Surveillance Officer


The mission of our video operator is to process the information received and involve authorized persons such as patrolmen.

Our security agents (Video Operator) participate in surveillance work in order to prevent theft and malicious acts. These agents are subject to the compulsory wearing of the uniform provided for by the regulations in force. The Video Store Security agent performs his duties within the framework of the legislation in force and with strict respect for public freedoms.

General missions

  • Detect and locate any individual suspected of theft and malicious acts on the monitored video area.
  • Look for any clue likely to inform him about fraudulent behavior.
  • Prioritize video surveillance of cash and valuables transport operations.
  • Prevent the pre-theft agent and the entry-exit and back-checkout agent of any suspicious individual and detected malicious acts.